Matthew Charles Weiss
21st century composer, violinist, starship captain,
cowboy, gidder, and penguin enthusiast

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
Seattle, WA USA

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"Bold chords, bone-chilling tremolos, and even an excursion into the waltz--definitely in the great romantic virtuoso tradition, but with some warm Schubertian lyricism to boot! A very sensitive, assured performance made this a particularly happy collaboration. Bravo!"

Composed in the course of a week in March 2008, this prelude for piano originally began as a compositional exercise in creating various pianistic effects and as an exploration in late romantic harmonizations.

My heart goes out to my friend and fellow composer Keith Eisenbrey who courageously took this on to premiere at the Seattle Composer's Salon on November 6th 2009. Also on the program was a beautiful Pavanne for violin and piano that Keith composed. He and I premiered that as well and it was also very well received.

This work is a virtuoso showpiece and I am very pleased with what Keith accomplished both musically and technically.




Prelude in c minor (4.7 MB mp3)

Download the Score (137 KB pdf)

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