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I performed the premiere of this Concerto for Cello and Orchestra with the Octava Chamber Orchestra at our 2022 Summer Chamber Music Extravaganza which features premieres of new music in a wide variety of genres. Over 10 years in the making, and several months practicing the solo part under the expert guidance of my cello teacher, Benjamin Louwersheimer, this was the most important concert in my life to date...

Whereas the 1st mvt required over 10 years in the making, this 2nd mvt was composed in only five days in January 2022, as a result of an argument with my cello teacher over the suitability of the previous 2nd mvt, which is now known as my "Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra"...

The form of this 3rd mvt is part Theme and Variations and part Rondo, since the main theme appears now and then between the variations, though in a different key or altered in some way from the original. I composed the main theme on pencil and paper while camping during a road trip to Yellowstone Park during the summer of 2019. Following that, I composed a variation now and then until the final variation was completed a few years later in January 2022...

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