Matthew Charles Weiss
21st century composer, violinist, starship captain,
cowboy, gidder, and penguin enthusiast

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
Seattle, WA USA

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"An intensely dramatic and invigorating treatment of 'La Folia,' demonstrating remarkable stylistic breadth and a virtuosic command of the instrument."

"A tour de force on a well known theme - in this case the spirit of Paganini can be heard in skillfulness and more romantic composers can be heard in its soulfulness. A brilliant set of compositions expertly performed with great feeling."

"Unlike many new compositions, the work is both lyrical and tonal...Composer/violinist Matthew Weiss plays both violin parts with intensity, and with variety of character."

Featured on Thursday Feb 28th 9:51pm

"La Folia" means "The Madness" and is related to English words such as "Fool", "Folly" etc. Each variation depicts this in some way or another, finally building to an exciting Grand Finale that includes elements of some of the previous variations. Composed and performed by Matthew C. Weiss in a style and difficulty level similar to Paganini's 24 Caprices for Solo violin, full of drama, invention, and technical fireworks, this set of variations explores the many capabilities of the violin and what can be accomplished by today's concert artists.

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Score and parts included. Printed on high-quality paper 9.25" x 12" with beautiful layout, spacing, and engraving on a par with the superior care and attention to detail provided to all works that are published by Editions Musica Ferrum.


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